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>Well he made Turn-A in 1999-2000 right?

        The implications I get from the interview is that he was unhappy
with the trend of Gundam and was lured out of semi-retirement with Turn A.
Again, I stress that this is my impression, so I can be way off base here.

>So back in 1994, he could have done at least one more Gundam show.

        I strongly suspect one of his Gundam series disappointed him badly.
For all I know, it could be V (I have not seen the series, but it never
caught on here AFAIK). He probably got sickened by the endless cycle of
mechandizing and what-nots..

>When he retires, can we expect a biography of Tomino? Is it common in
>Japan to publish biography (I mean real biography with lots of text and
>few pics) for famous animators?

        You would know this better than I do, but I don't really see that
kind of books from Asian authors.

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