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Lim Jyue wrote:
> As a side note, in the recent interview here, Tomino claims he is no
> longer up to the stress of making a full-length Gundam show anymore (he's 60
> this year -- time for retirement?).
> So, maybe, even in Victory was successful, Tomino might not have
> continued anyway.

Well he made Turn-A in 1999-2000 right? So back in 1994, he could have
done at least one more Gundam show. I am not suggesting I know anything
about why Bandai decided to bring in non-UC Gundams and use young blood to
do them. Could be Vic sucked at the ratings, could be Tomino wanted a
rest. Just speculating here...

When he retires, can we expect a biography of Tomino? Is it common in
Japan to publish biography (I mean real biography with lots of text and
few pics) for famous animators?

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