Chris Maier (
Mon, 12 Jun 2000 10:40:08 -0400

I've looked at these two mechas(From 08th MS Team and 0083) and have noticed something-they practically look exactly alike, except for the fact the GM(C) has a ground counterpart with a blue-painted chest, while the only counterpart to GM(E) were the ground-type Gundams, which are more in a leaque of their own. Now, I'm a little curious...the GM(E) is supposed to be superior to the later OYW GMs, so maybe when it came time to upgrade the GMs, the MS developers decided to fall back on the old design and refine it a little to make the (C) variant.
Does anybody know what the deal is? Maybe lack of originality on the behalf of the 08th MS team designers(Although they certainly were kinda original in other regards). Anyway, it presents an interesting continuity conundrum.


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