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Anyway, I think it can be argued, even though I have'nt seen it, that CCA is
probably the best of the Gundam films. Why? Well, the other ones are either
TV or OAV compilations or Gundam F91.
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> >Blackeagle wrote:
> > > I'm finding it really hard to quantify my feelings about this movie.
> >All of
> >
> >Nice review. Haha everytime I sit down to write a review for CCA, I just
> >can't finish it. When so many things went wrong, I don't even know how
> >write them out with going incoherent. :P
> Since we generally seem to be in aggreement, maybe we could work on one
> together for the Newtype Asylum?
> > > Quess, Gyunei Gass and Chein Agi are cardboard cutouts. There's
> >precious
> >
> >Both Quess and Hathaway should have been good characters. But alas next
> >to Amuro, Char and Lalah, they were insignificant fleas.
> >
> > > Amuro spends most of the movie in the background (it seems like Bright
> >Noa
> > > has more screen time up until the final battle) and from his few brief
> >cameo
> >
> >Bright got the screen time because of all the political arm twisting and
> >intrigues. This part I like. Somewhat... it's hard to believe there are
> >people stupid enough to let Char have all his ways.
> One thing that didn't come across in my original post (though I have
> somewhat rectified it in later responses) is that comment wasn't intended
> say that Bright had too much screen time, but that Amuro had too little.
> Yes the Federation pols are a bunch of idiots. They seem to have that in
> common with many politicians. If the Allies had been so ineptly led
> WWII, we'd all be saying our 'Heil Hitlers' right now (thank god for
> Churchill and FDR, and even Stalin).
> > > why he's doing this. Char get's more screen time, but his motives are
> >so
> > > murky and contradictory that it's hard to tell what's going on. I
> >they
> >
> >Of 0079, Zeta and CCA, Char's characterization is perhaps the worst in
> >CCA.
> >
> > > Furthermore, there isn't really much discussion of the ethics behind
> >Char's
> > > plan and Amuro, Bright etc's opposition to it. When that sort of
> >does
> > > come up it mostly consists of Char and Amuro screaming in between
> >pummeling
> > > each other. More amplification would have been welcome.
> >
> >And it could have, should have been told from Quess and Hathaway's point
> >of view.
> I didn't really thing of that, but I think you've got something there. If
> Quess had a real motivation for going over to the other side, their
> relationship would have been a great vehicle to discuss this.
> > > don't particularly like would have been better if they'd had more
> >episodes
> > > (specifically 0083 and F91). On the other hand, Wing probably could
> >have
> > > been improved with fewer episodes.
> >
> >Notice most of the specific problems with CCA recurred in F91. CCA
> >have been about 5-6 hours OVA. F91 should have been a 26 episode series.
> >But one might consider V to be that series. No such luck for CCA.
> >
> >And CCA OVA should have begun at the beginning, started with Char's
> >from the dead, forming the Neo Zeon, prompting Amuro to come out of
> >retirement/house arrest and rejoining Bright (was that how it went?) and
> >Char's getting a hold of the asteroid. God damn! CCA movie skipped an
> >entire 50% of the story!
> Now that would be one mighty fanfic project!
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