Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Mon, 12 Jun 2000 03:18:00 -0700

>Chris Maier wrote:
>> Well, the real world reason, I think, is that Kunio's Ookawara's designs,
>> while interesting, were'nt quite exciting and interesting enough. So it fell
>> on Hajime Katoki, who designed the OZ mechas, to give the Gundams a fresh
>> new look for the OAV.
>I HATE the EW Gundams! I absolutely hate them. I love katoki's OZ MSs, but
>pointy shoes on DSHC look like crap.

Heh, that's the least of its problems. Anyone who built the 1/100 HG kit
would know how its bat wings get in the way of the arms, there's no way in
hell it could perform any kind of movement while holding the beam scythe
with both arms.

>I mean, geez he took the very cool and Evil
>looking Deathscythe Hell and turned into a Keebler elves reject.



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