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> Well, I think I convinced many people on this list that I was nuts with my
> CCA review yesterday. This'll probably make the other half think likewise
> :-)
> I just finished watching the first 20 episodes of Gundam X. Given number
> and intensity of the negative comments I'd heard on this list, I was very
> suprised by the series, plesantly suprised that is . . .
I was in north america at that time and I watched it later (about a month)
than the actual Japan screening time because video tapes are sent here per
month (4 episodes = one vhs). At first I was pretty convinced it'd be a
good series too because i bought the plamodel... but


> Point by point:
> The animation seems pretty nice. It's on the upper end of the range of
> Gundam TV animation (which means it isn't as good as the movies or OVAs).
> like it a lot better than the Wing animation, though I suspect this is
> mainly because of a darker color palate and more interesting mecha to
> animate.

this was the first thing that turned me off. the animation was quite poor
imho. Wing was so much more fluid in terms of just plain motion and
background. when i first saw the background to X, it was like those really
cheaply made ones. the first thing that came into mind was "how come the
main characters look so different than the supporting characters". and how
come the captain looked like quattro bajina with brown hair?!

> The mecha designs are good. I really like the Gundam X itself (in it's
> original configuration, before they gave it the funky looking shield).
> satellite cannon is WAY overpowered (but I guess that's kind of the
> I really liked the fact that the characters in the show realized his and
> moved to give it some alternative armament.
> I think the Airmaster's rather interesting. It's the first transforming
> mobile suit that actually looks like a real airplane rather than just a
> rearranged mobile suit. I guess for this reason it reminds me of the
> Macross VFs.
> Don't really like the Leopard as much. It definitely seems like the
> Heavyarms Mk. II (or if you count the Heavyarms Kai and Custom, the Mk. IV
> :-)

this is what drew me into it though. the plamodel was quite cool
(especially the enemy gundams). however, ZZ and Z (+all their variations)
being my favorite 2 gundams, i'm not really entitled to comment on the "real
airplane" like bit...


> What I really love about this series is the characters and the way they
> treated. All the characters are unique and all seem to have their own
> backstory (though not all have been revealed so far). I love the fact
> lots of time is given over to character development. This
well, i wouldn't say this is the first series to do in depth character
development... but the characters were satisfactory. however, still you
can feel a certain bias towards certain charcters (some characters were
basically so stereotypical that you didn't need to watch certain episodes to
know EXACTLY what would happen). But I did end up only watching half the
series before I quit (^.^) after all, so many other better shows were on at
that time!!


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