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>I just finished watching the first 20 episodes of Gundam X. Given number
>and intensity of the negative comments I'd heard on this list, I was very
>suprised by the series, plesantly suprised that is . . .

Me, too. My tastes differ from the average anime fans' it seems. I kept
hearing over and over about how Gundam X wasn't worth watching so when I
finally saw it, I wondered what the fuss was about. It's certainly more
interesting than the much overrated Gundam Wing (which amounted up to not much
more than a total ripoff of earlier series with rejects from N'Sync flying
mobile suits).

>I really like this series. Really! It's definitely the best Gundam TV
>series I've seen (pulling in quite a bit ahead of Wing and just squeaking in
>above Zeta).

I wouldn't go that far. But, yeah, it's better than Wing. If you want
neverending, unbearably pretentious dialogues about the nature of war and
peace that make no sense whatsoever, Gundam Wing is for you! On the other
hand, while Gundam X won't win any originality awards, I thought it was solid

>Point by point:
>The animation seems pretty nice. It's on the upper end of the range of
>Gundam TV animation (which means it isn't as good as the movies or OVAs). I
>like it a lot better than the Wing animation, though I suspect this is
>mainly because of a darker color palate and more interesting mecha to

I noticed the stock footage in Wing much more than in X. Too many mobile doll

>The mecha designs are good. I really like the Gundam X itself (in it's
>original configuration, before they gave it the funky looking shield). The
>satellite cannon is WAY overpowered (but I guess that's kind of the point).
>I really liked the fact that the characters in the show realized his and
>moved to give it some alternative armament.

But that satellite cannon is a fine "whoa! check that out!" kind of weapon. I
like it. I don't care much for the other two Gundams as they seem pretty
generic to me.

>The story seems to be paced rather differently than other Gundam TV series,
>but I like the effect. The structure involving 4-5 episode 'mini-arcs'
>rather than one massive story arc seems to work very effectively.

I like the way it's paced. It's no epic, but it consistently makes me what to
see what happens next.

>What I really love about this series is the characters and the way they are
>treated. All the characters are unique and all seem to have their own
>backstory (though not all have been revealed so far).

They seem kind of generic to me also. The captain of the ship, for example,
reminds me so much of Coach from Gunbuster. The blonde chick makes me think of
Mihoshi from Tenchi Muyo. Tifa seems to be the Rei Ayanami of the show and the
GX pilot is your typical "kid who doesn't know anything about piloting but
eventually gets better and better throughout the series". That said, I think
they're done fine for what they are. Not very distinct in my mind though.

>I just really love this series!

I agree with any criticism that Gundam X isn't very distinctive but I still
enjoy it. For one, I like that it's the "post-Apocalyptic" Gundam show. The
Mad Max of Gundam. :) For another, you get to see the newtypes in a non-UC
setting. Even though it doesn't go out of it's way to distinguish itself from
the other Gundam series, I find the quality consistent. They keep throwing
enough at me to make me say "Okay, so what happens next?" and I don't feel
like I'm watching a simple retread of other Gundam shows. *cough*Wing*cough*

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