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Mon, 12 Jun 2000 00:17:27 MST

> > Am I the only one to have noticed a strong Patlabor influence in Gundam
>Nope, but now go unto the world, and look (not very hard) for Patlabor
>in 0080, and 08th MS team. The most obvious is the Gundam's cockpit
>located just below the chin in the torso in 08th MS team. But watch the
>battles in 0080 and they have a very Patlabor feel to them, I don't mean
>just because the Kampfer has shotguns either, but the way the mechs move.

Well, I don't think the cockpit comparisom in 08th MST is as strong as
Gundam X. In Gundam X the cockpit is actually located in the middle of the
chest, but the chair can elevate to the upper torso position just like the

As for 0080, I never really noticed any similarity. I guess I'll have to
look for it the next time I watch it.

BTW: In my original message, it should have been spelled 'Schaft' and
'Brocken'. I'm sorry about that, it's approaching midnight here in AZ and I
guess my 'c' finger has already gone to bed.


Chris Upchurch a.k.a. Blackeagle

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