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>Blackeagle wrote:
> > Well, I think I convinced many people on this list that I was nuts with
> > CCA review yesterday. This'll probably make the other half think
> > :-)
>I'm convinced. ^_-

Thought so.

> > I just finished watching the first 20 episodes of Gundam X. Given
> > I really like this series. Really! It's definitely the best Gundam TV
> > series I've seen (pulling in quite a bit ahead of Wing and just
>squeaking in
> > above Zeta).
>Back! get back evil one! Go back to the evil pit that spawned ye!!! ^_^
>I like X too (a little bit) but it simply doesn't compare to either of

I evidently liked it a lot more than you do.

> > The mecha designs are good. I really like the Gundam X itself (in it's
> > original configuration, before they gave it the funky looking shield).
> > I think the Airmaster's rather interesting. It's the first transforming
> > mobile suit that actually looks like a real airplane rather than just a
> > rearranged mobile suit. I guess for this reason it reminds me of the
> > Macross VFs.
> the model kit. It only looks like a plane from the top. the
>transformation is pretty similar to the Wing actually.

I'm just basing it on how it looks in the Anime.

>Kawamori would be spinning in his grave. (if he were dead.) Please don't
>the Transformer headed wing ripoff Airmaster, to the greatest transforming
>design ever.
> > Don't really like the Leopard as much. It definitely seems like the
> > Heavyarms Mk. II (or if you count the Heavyarms Kai and Custom, the Mk.
> > :-)
>The upgrade of Leopard is cooler.
> > The story seems to be paced rather differently than other Gundam TV
> > but I like the effect. The structure involving 4-5 episode 'mini-arcs'
> > rather than one massive story arc seems to work very effectively.
>What story? It never goes anywhere.

Well, I can only comment on the first 20 episodes:

Based on those eps, it is moving rather slowly. In another series the slow
pace would be driving me mad. In this case I found all of the smaller story
arcs in and of themselves. Contrast this to Wing where I think some
segments of the story (especially towards the middle) are only worth
watching to get from A to B in the larger plot.

> > What I really love about this series is the characters and the way they
> > treated. All the characters are unique and all seem to have their own
> > backstory (though not all have been revealed so far). I love the fact
> > lots of time is given over to character development.
>Where are all of these great characters? I can't think of one really good
>As far as being original goes...well the story was original in 1979.

I think the Gundam X characters are more believeable than any other Gundam
series I've seen (except 0080). From comments by people who've seen it,
maybe I'd get the same feeling about the original series characters if I saw
the TV series rather than the movies, but until then . . .

As for the story, I don't find many similarities to MSG. Sure the war in
Gundam X and the OYW are very similar (though with decidedly different
outcomes) but Gundam X isn't about the war. As the title implies, it's
about the wars aftereffects.

> > I just really love this series!
>It's a free country.
>---Brett Jensen

Chris Upchurch a.k.a. Blackeagle

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