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Blackeagle wrote:
> One thing that didn't come across in my original post (though I have
> somewhat rectified it in later responses) is that comment wasn't intended to
> say that Bright had too much screen time, but that Amuro had too little.

I understood and I agreed. Amuro in CCA had become a more standard
superhero-with-a-bum-past type of character.

> Yes the Federation pols are a bunch of idiots. They seem to have that in
> common with many politicians. If the Allies had been so ineptly led during

NO! There are a lot of dirty politicians, crazy politicians, manipulative
politicians, evil politicians, idealistic politicians. But there are no
stupid politicians. Except for kings and lords who inhereit their
positions (which in my book, means disqualify them as politicians), I
can't think of one

> Quess had a real motivation for going over to the other side, their
> relationship would have been a great vehicle to discuss this.

Tell you what Quess' motivation should have been... remember she and her
pals were treated like dirt by the Feds? And let her see how seedy his
father is, let her see right through Char's scheme and let her see how the
limp-prick that is the Feds walked right into the trap. What would be
your choice? I would have gone deflected myself! It's just the classical
Titans vs. AEUG conflict. The only difference is that this time Char
wants to destroy Earth and kill lots of innocent people. Hmm... it
doesn't really compute, does it? Aren't there all her pals back on Earth
when she's helping Char drop that little Axis?

CCA actually did a tiny bit of Quess development, she didn't like the Feds
very much (should have been done better) and she was comparing Amuro to
Char (with the assumption that these two represent the best of each side,
kind of like Fisher vs. Spassky). Those were good starting points, but in
CCA, she deflected because she was jealous of a woman who wasn't even
dating Amuro? And then she got charmed over by Char who was practically
fucking another woman right in front of her? Sheesh!

It's nice for Tomino to tackle some adult situations, mature man and
lolita, adultery, two-timer, but it's all screwed up. Oh well, how many
mecha heads notice these things? ;)

> Now that would be one mighty fanfic project!

Hmm... too many mighty fanfic projects, not enough might...

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