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>Blackeagle wrote:
> > I'm finding it really hard to quantify my feelings about this movie.
>All of
>Nice review. Haha everytime I sit down to write a review for CCA, I just
>can't finish it. When so many things went wrong, I don't even know how to
>write them out with going incoherent. :P

Since we generally seem to be in aggreement, maybe we could work on one
together for the Newtype Asylum?

> > Quess, Gyunei Gass and Chein Agi are cardboard cutouts. There's
>Both Quess and Hathaway should have been good characters. But alas next
>to Amuro, Char and Lalah, they were insignificant fleas.
> > Amuro spends most of the movie in the background (it seems like Bright
> > has more screen time up until the final battle) and from his few brief
>Bright got the screen time because of all the political arm twisting and
>intrigues. This part I like. Somewhat... it's hard to believe there are
>people stupid enough to let Char have all his ways.

One thing that didn't come across in my original post (though I have
somewhat rectified it in later responses) is that comment wasn't intended to
say that Bright had too much screen time, but that Amuro had too little.

Yes the Federation pols are a bunch of idiots. They seem to have that in
common with many politicians. If the Allies had been so ineptly led during
WWII, we'd all be saying our 'Heil Hitlers' right now (thank god for
Churchill and FDR, and even Stalin).

> > why he's doing this. Char get's more screen time, but his motives are
> > murky and contradictory that it's hard to tell what's going on. I know
>Of 0079, Zeta and CCA, Char's characterization is perhaps the worst in
> > Furthermore, there isn't really much discussion of the ethics behind
> > plan and Amuro, Bright etc's opposition to it. When that sort of thing
> > come up it mostly consists of Char and Amuro screaming in between
> > each other. More amplification would have been welcome.
>And it could have, should have been told from Quess and Hathaway's point
>of view.

I didn't really thing of that, but I think you've got something there. If
Quess had a real motivation for going over to the other side, their
relationship would have been a great vehicle to discuss this.

> > don't particularly like would have been better if they'd had more
> > (specifically 0083 and F91). On the other hand, Wing probably could
> > been improved with fewer episodes.
>Notice most of the specific problems with CCA recurred in F91. CCA should
>have been about 5-6 hours OVA. F91 should have been a 26 episode series.
>But one might consider V to be that series. No such luck for CCA.
>And CCA OVA should have begun at the beginning, started with Char's return
>from the dead, forming the Neo Zeon, prompting Amuro to come out of
>retirement/house arrest and rejoining Bright (was that how it went?) and
>Char's getting a hold of the asteroid. God damn! CCA movie skipped an
>entire 50% of the story!

Now that would be one mighty fanfic project!

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