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>Well, the real world reason, I think, is that Kunio's Ookawara's designs,
>while interesting, were'nt quite exciting and interesting enough. So it fell
>on Hajime Katoki, who designed the OZ mechas, to give the Gundams a fresh
>new look for the OAV.
> Also, I think the designs might be retroactive, which would mean they
>really looked like that during the series. Personally, I don't really buy
>that....I mean, it does'nt take a lot of effort to refit a Gundam, does it?
>I know I'm dwelving into UC here, but it only took two days to turn the GP01
>into GP01FB.

I have read that they're supposed to be retroactive, most likely a
deliberate attempt to provide the now-slightly-older viewers with Gundams
that looked less like G-Gundam and more like the more-kit-friendly UC
Gundams. Just a thought.


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