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"L. M. Lloyd" wrote:

> By the same token, it is not really important to the story why or how
> Char charmed Quess, but rather the important issue is to show the
> similarities between the modern Char, and his one-time nemesis
> Scirocco.

Whoa, I've never thought about it that way before, but you are so right!

> unnecessarily. You only need to show as much as is required to get
> your point across. Any more and you are belaboring the point.


> I guess the problem here is that you keep
> talking about how you think CCA could have been a better story, but I
> can't see CCA as a story at all. The story is comprised of MSG, Zeta,
> and ZZ, CCA is just the last episode of the story.

You hit the nail on the head.

---Brett Jensen

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