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KurenaiJiku wrote:
> I watched it in Cantonese... =) It's the exact translation thankfully, but
> hell...It's funny to see Amuro run around screaming "I DON'T WANNA PILOT
> GUNDAM!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!! in Cantonese. hehehehe I was planning to make
> a Starcraft conversion of RX-78 and Chinese Amuro voice'd be
> hella funny.

Hella not! I didn't like CCA, and at first I thought it was only those
half-baked Cantonese dubs that I hated.

I don't know... I would love to get tapes of the early 80s Cantonese dub
of the 0079 TV, somehow I keep thinking those were the authentic voices,
even better than the Japanese originals :P

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