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Jorge Lee wrote:
> In summary, you didn't miss very much if you weren't here.

Ah! Tis really too bad if you haven't seen or don't enjoy 0079. It would
be so amazing to hear Tomino-sama comment on these episodes. You may not
know it, but the 3 short paragraphs you wrote down there are great stuffs!
It makes it worthwhile to stay on the GML and endure all the flamewars.

Thanks a lot! Believe me that's a great piece of post you have there.

> the emotion shock that Frau Bow goes through when her family(?) were
> killed. Under tight budget and time schedule, this was the best that Mr.
> Tomino was able to produce at that time.
> When MSG was in production, there was a growing trend of single parent
> families in Japan. Mr. Tomino wanted to fully address this new trend and
> its' effects in MSG but was unable to do so as the target audience were
> kids. The episode where Amuro visited his mother was the result of this
> constrain.
> The last episode was chosen to show the dynamic interactions between
> newtypes. The fights between the Mobile Suits in this episode, were just
> eye candies to sell the show.

Just a word on Amuro's mom. Amuro hadn't seen his mom (Kamaria) for years
and had no idea if she was alive or dead (pause a moment here, imagine
someone in that position please). While looking for her, he witness how
some drunk Fed soldiers have their disorderly ways with the local
properties (the house he grew up in) and the civilians (an older woman who
were his neighbor). When he finally found his mom (inside Zeon's
occupation zone), alive and well, he discovered that the local folks don't
necessarily think of the Feds as the heroic liberators. And that his own
mother, was one of the strongest pacificist (just as she's always been).
And it did not matter what evils the Zeons have done, she's opposed to
violence. In the end, Amuro made the difficult decision to leave his mom
and continue the fight with the White Base gang. But in one single day,
Amuro (and the audience) was awaken to the fact that the Feds are hardly
the sword of justice and that he and his mother can never completely
reconcile their difference. But it's very clear that a small part of his
mother stayed with Amuro for the rest of the series. Which resurfaced
in... you guessed it, the very last 5 minutes of the last episode.

When I watch that episode back in high school, I hated it. The action
scene was lame and I couldn't believe the hero's mother was such a wimp.
And I just didn't want to believe the Feds were flawed in any small way.
When I watch it again as an adult, I could bearly hold back my tears.

Another comment: the closing scene in the mother episode, an exchange
between Kamaria and Bright Noah, which went a bit like:

"Thank you, your son is a great person and we are alive today thanks to

"I am... glad..."

The "acting" (voice acting and facial expression) were just perfect. The
strain in Kamaria's voice, the silent reaction of Amuro to hear Bright
Noah praising him, everything were just so well done. With so few words.

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