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<< Be careful about that statement ther. Tomino may have the intention of
 making shows this way or that way, but Hajime Yadate's intention was to
 make money, pure and simple. I think G Gundam was made to revive the
 Gundam cow, which at the time, looked kind of dead (right after Victory
 Gundam, which I like a lot, but appearantly not financially satisfactory).

  I read that about the AC shows, that's not really my opinion about the AC
shows. Like you say, the AC shows do appear to have been made to make money,
at least GW seems to be, with all the 5 main Gundams that get upgraded 2 to 3
times = lots of profit, right? While they are part of the story, another
reason for 5 Gundam's is allow Bandai to sale 5 main Gundam's, instead of one
and its upgrade.

 If Victory were successful, you bet your money Tomino would still be
 making UC Gundam shows. >>

I am quite sure he would. He did Turn A of course, but that's not really UC
though. Wonder that the next Gundam show will be about? Its sad, but most
everything now is made to rack in the stacks of cash, there are always
exceptions of course. Companies seem to be money hungry, its not about just
making a profit and to cover your costs anymore, it seems they want to milk
all the money they can out of something to the extreme.


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