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Jorge Lee wrote:
> Honestly, if Tomino had it his way, there wouldn't be any Mobile Suits
> in Gundam at all.
> It's such an irony that I got interested in Gundam because of those darn
> model kits sold in the Japanese department stores.

Aren't we all mecha heads? But come on! Tomino was a mecha veteran
before Gundam, became a mecha king while doing Gundam, and is now a mecha
icon after Gundam. Tomino was born to do mecha and he knows it. He tried
to bring in realism and human touches to the formulistic mecha shows and
he succeed spectacularly with 0079.

Gundam could not have been this good if the creator hadn't been a mecha
head himself. I can't even remember a decent non-mecha show from his pen

BTW, great pics and reporting you and Charles Wong and Jim Lyne and all
the SGians did. Thanks! Would you let us use a nice shot of Tomino-sama
smiling on NA? Pretty pleaseee?

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