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Blackeagle wrote:
> But as far as CCA is concerned, the movies are the official continuity. In
> the flashback sequence where Lala dies, you see a Core Booster, which means
> it's the movie of the event, rather than TV version.

Hmm... remember what Tomino said about mecha vs. characters? I think it
would be pushing too far to say that a Core Booster proves that CCA treats
the movies as the official continuity.

As far as actual events that transpired, my interpretation is to pick and
mix the best out of both movies and TV. E.g., there should have been 2
seperate battles (Solomon and A Bao A Qu) (TV version), but Lalah's death
scene and the sword fight between Amuro and Char were both done much
better in the movies. Also the character development part should mostly
be drawn from the TV series.

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