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> << As for my Zeta MSiA. I think it's overambitious
> with so many articulation points, and it end ups
> quite a lot of loosey parts (back fins, beam rifle's
> e-pac). As the result, it's not as sturdy as the
> older MSiA lines, but for 1200 yen i still think
> MSiA is still quite a treat, considering you get the
> big-ass hyper mega launcher which is taller than the

> MS! I hope the MSiA manufacter should fix these
> defects if they want the upcoming Wing MSiAs to be
> successful, considering so many articulations for
> likes of Wing Zero, Deathscythe Hell and Altron
> Gundam, etc.. >>
> I know what you mean about the Wing MSiA's. I
> hope the articulations will be better affixed to the

> figure as well as solve the pop off limbs problem.
> About the Zeta MSiA, how's the shoulder and hip
> joints? Does it solve the RX-78's pop off arms and
> legs defect/problem? I fixed my RX-78's arms and
> legs, I think, haven't rough handled it to test it
> yet, though.

I don't think the manufacturer took that into account.
For Zeta MSiA, the shoulder joint has the same design
as in RX-78 but it is larger. Its limb cavity is about
the same, so Zeta's arms are relatively more sturdy
than RX-78.

I also solved the loosey back fins problem: the 2 bars
that connect the side fins and Zeta's back are
identical, so I change their position and now they are
tight fit.


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