Mon, 12 Jun 2000 00:03:29 -0400 (EDT)

Blackeagle wrote:
> I guess all I can say is it would be an interesting series to watch while
> drunk.

KurenaiJiku wrote:
> G Gundam was meant to be Marvel VS Capcom meets Gundam. Which is what
> happened...but then it mixes classical (very classical) good ol' Mazinger Z
> and Voltron antics to Gundam...which is the reason why I didn't like it.

Well then I guess SD Gundam would make you puke. :)

I wish I will get a chance to see G Gundam too. I have a hunch I may like
it, especially when I get to the philo-babble in the second half.

There was a really good English G Gundam site, but I've lost the URL.
Anyone know what I am talking about?

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