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> OK, after seeing the first 4 eps of G Gundam I've got a few questions.
> Maybe someone whose seen more of the series can answer them for me.
> 1. What country does the first episode take place in?

Italy. Unfortunately for Neo Italy, their Gundam fighter Mikelo Chariot is
a certified criminal who is protected from local law enforcement due to his
status as a Gundam Fighter.

> 2. In the 4th episode, what country does the Gundam piloted by
> the big black guy (whose but got kicked so eaisly) represent?

Neo Turkey. There are quite a few throwaway Gundam that is meant to be
defeated easily. The Windmill Gundam is a case in point.

> 3. All the Gundams stylings are supossed to represent the
> cultures of their respective nations. However, the Shining
> Gundam only seems to represent the part of Japanes culture
> that produces giant robot anime. Shouldn't it look, well,
> more Samuri like?

Since Gundam is already based on Samurai helmet, there really isn't a need
to go any further.

> 4. Why is the series called Mobile Fighter 'G' Gundam. What does the 'G'
> stand for?

G == God. The show is neatly divided into 2 parts. The first 24 episodes
chronicles "The Trial of the 11 months" where Gundams walk the Earth, and
strikes up Gundam Fight whenever 2 meets. Those who survived the first 11
months with their head intact goes to Neo Hong Kong (the previous tournament
winner) for the next round of Gundam Fight. At episode 24 Domon had his
first conclusive fight against Devil Gundam, and won. Unfortunately the
Shinning Gundam is so damaged that it cannot advance to the second round.
Neo Japan then shoot down a more advance model of Gundam, God Gundam. Since
Shinning Gundam have not lost its head, it can be retired without
disqualifying its fighter.

> 5. What are those satelites surrounding the earth that produce
> those three red beams? What is their purpose?

The ring rope. The eighth rule of Gundam Fight Treaty is: The arena of the
Gundam Fight is the whole Earth. I guess they were just being a bit more
literal. In episode 25, when Domon has to trek all the way from the
Tibetian highland all the way to Neo Hong Kong, he uses them to help him get

> 6. Most of the time the 'Shining Finger' seems to be some sort of energy
> empowered physical attack, but in ep. 4 it is used as a energy projectile
> attack to take out the 'rose bits'. What is the deal with this?

That's nothing comparing to what God Gundam will do. You've go to remember
that not only is G Gundam a mighty throwback to the Super Robot of the '70s,
they also takes on Wu-Sha (martial arts) novels from China as an
inspiration. Throwing punches that hits the enemy far away is a very
standard Wu-Sha element. The makers of G Gundam just take it to the next
level. Everything that a Gundam Fighter can do, his or her Gundam can as
well. So, when Domon learned Master Asia's ultimate technique (which is
similiar to the Ki Blast from Dragonball), God Gundam can do that move as
well, albeit at a much larger scale.

> 7. Why do I feel like I'm asking logical questions about a show to which
> logic does not apply?

If you don't, this would have been a very dull converstation.

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