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>> But the plot driven structure of the movie means the personal motivations
>> aren't made clear. Is Char doing this to create his newtype utopia or just
>> so he can fight Amuro and avenge Lala? I can understand that the movie
>> wants to keep his motives murky, but it just ends up being confusing.

yep. One has to know what happened before...and even then, Amuro and
CHar's final dialogue pretty much hints at all their enmity, both personal
and ideological.

>This is what we mean about "Not being spoonfed". you actually have to use
>brain a little. this isn't a Disney film.


>> It's interesting that you mention 0083, because that's another Gundam
>> where I feel some of the personal motivations are inadequately explained.
>Very true, 0083 is a lot better when you read up on the character's
>particularly Cima's. Gundam F-91 is the absolute worst at this.
>---Brett Jensen

Yes, Cima isn't really such a bad woman once you realize what she's been

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