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<< As for my Zeta MSiA. I think it's overambitious with
 so many articulation points, and it end ups with quite
 a lot of loosey parts (back fins, beam rifle's e-pac).
 As the result, it's no as sturdy as the older MSiA
 lines, but for 1200 yen i still think Zeta MSiA is
 still quite a treat, considering you get the big-ass
 hyper mega launcher which is taller than the MS! I
 hope the MSiA manufacter should fix these defects if
 they want the upcoming Wing MSiAs to be successful,
 considering so many articulations for the likes of
 Wing Zero, Deathscythe Hell and Altron Gundam, etc.. >>

    I know what you mean about the Wing MSiA's. I hope the articulations will
be better affixed to the figure as well as solve the pop off limbs problem.
About the Zeta MSiA, how's the shoulder and hip joints? Does it solve the
RX-78's pop off arms and legs defect/problem? I fixed my RX-78's arms and
legs, I think, haven't rough handled it to test it yet, though.


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