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> First off, any explosion which derives energy from either the splitting or
> fusing of atoms is a nuclear explosion.

But uranium and plutonium, the materials you cited, are only present in fission

> Second, many people on this list have objected, with good reason I might
> add, to the exploding reactors concept.

Machts nichts. No one consulted us when they animated CCA. They did, however,
remain consistent with their own precedents.

> Third, the obvious solution to a pure fusion weapon is a laser triggered
> fusion bomb. These will not blow up AT ALL when they are destroyed. Not
> even the small conventional explosion you get when you destroy a regular
> nuke.

Why not turn it around and use fusion-pumped lasers?

Neither has ever appeared in Gundam, of course. And, rant as we will, they're
not likely to retcon any such technology into the saga, so why fash yourself?

> Fourth, when the Federation has access to a relatively safe and effective
> bomb design, why in god's name would they choose instead to go with
> something as dangerous as a nuke that will go off when destroyed? If a
> missile blows up in the launch tube you've just lost an entire ship. If an
> aircraft crashes on takeoff you could loose an entire city! Just think what
> would have happened to Gato if Kou had managed to hit the GP-02's bazooka
> with even a single shot.

They'd've wrapped it up in seven episodes. (^_^);

I worked as a munitions loader augmentee for some years and there's no such
thing as a safe and effective bomb design. The ammo dump or magazine has always
been a prime target in warfare because of the opportunistic explosive potential.
The fuel dump or tank is next in line. Gundam happily combines the two into a
single point of failure.

Yes, blowing up a fission device doesn't trigger a nuclear reaction. It does,
however, spread the critical mass (on the order of 10 kg or 22 pounds) of
fissionable material, which is toxic in microgram doses, over several square
miles. This stuff has a half-life measured in millennia. Such an event is
potentially more devastating than any explosive yield.


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