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Blackeagle wrote:

> 3. All the Gundams stylings are supossed to represent the cultures of their
> respective nations. However, the Shining Gundam only seems to represent the
> part of Japanes culture that produces giant robot anime. Shouldn't it look,
> well, more Samuri like?

I think this represents japan's insatiable love of hi-tech.

> 4. Why is the series called Mobile Fighter 'G' Gundam. What does the 'G'
> stand for?

God. Domon's second Gundam is the God Gundam.

> 5. What are those satelites surrounding the earth that produce those three
> red beams? What is their purpose?

Turnbuckles. y'know like in boxing or wrestling. don't look for logic.

> 6. Most of the time the 'Shining Finger' seems to be some sort of energy
> empowered physical attack, but in ep. 4 it is used as a energy projectile
> attack to take out the 'rose bits'. What is the deal with this?

Watch Dragonball Z or Hokuto no ken.

> 7. Why do I feel like I'm asking logical questions about a show to which
> logic does not apply?

Because you are.

---Brett Jensen

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