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Blackeagle wrote:

> But the plot driven structure of the movie means the personal motivations
> aren't made clear. Is Char doing this to create his newtype utopia or just
> so he can fight Amuro and avenge Lala? I can understand that the movie
> wants to keep his motives murky, but it just ends up being confusing.

This is what we mean about "Not being spoonfed". you actually have to use your
brain a little. this isn't a Disney film.

> It's interesting that you mention 0083, because that's another Gundam series
> where I feel some of the personal motivations are inadequately explained.

Very true, 0083 is a lot better when you read up on the character's backgrounds,
particularly Cima's. Gundam F-91 is the absolute worst at this.

---Brett Jensen

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