Blackeagle (
Sun, 11 Jun 2000 13:48:50 MST

OK, after seeing the first 4 eps of G Gundam I've got a few questions.
Maybe someone whose seen more of the series can answer them for me.

1. What country does the first episode take place in?

2. In the 4th episode, what country does the Gundam piloted by the big black
guy (whose but got kicked so eaisly) represent?

3. All the Gundams stylings are supossed to represent the cultures of their
respective nations. However, the Shining Gundam only seems to represent the
part of Japanes culture that produces giant robot anime. Shouldn't it look,
well, more Samuri like?

4. Why is the series called Mobile Fighter 'G' Gundam. What does the 'G'
stand for?

5. What are those satelites surrounding the earth that produce those three
red beams? What is their purpose?

6. Most of the time the 'Shining Finger' seems to be some sort of energy
empowered physical attack, but in ep. 4 it is used as a energy projectile
attack to take out the 'rose bits'. What is the deal with this?

7. Why do I feel like I'm asking logical questions about a show to which
logic does not apply?

Chris Upchurch a.k.a. Blackeagle

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