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Blackeagle wrote:

> But if it was only supposed to be about the events leading up to the final
> climactic battle between Char and Amuro, why did they spend so much time on
> Quess, Hathaway, Chein and Gyunei Gass? They are totally secondary to
> Char's plan and his battle with Amuro. All of them could have been left out
> while leaving the events leading to the climax intact.

They were there to show how manipulitive Char is. Quess in particular is
somewhat parallel to Lala Sun in this respect.

> Instead of going one direction or the other, the filmmakers chose an unhappy
> medium and, in my view, the movie suffered as a result.

Many older fans are very fond of CCA, (myself included) so you may have some
difficulty convincing people. Many Japanese theatrical movies are hard to
understand, and CCA does drag a bit, but I think it is a fitting ending to the
original Gundam storyline.

---Brett Jensen

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