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>The first episode was just a brief introduction to Amuro. It also shows
>the emotion shock that Frau Bow goes through when her family(?) were
>killed. Under tight budget and time schedule, this was the best that Mr.
>Tomino was able to produce at that time.

<more snip>

>I was fairly disappointed with the screenings as they were in Japanese,
>without any subtitles. As I have not seen MSG (both TV series and Movie
>version), I could only make guess at what the characters were saying.
>The translator for Mr. Tomino (the same lady from Kino) was often
>struggling with the translation.

Very briefly, in the first episode, you don't really get a feel for the
characters - Amuro was just this regular nerdy kid who ignores orders of
evacuation until Frau came to drag his ass out of his place. He was
thrust into the chaos when he tried to look for his father (on the
White Base) to see if he can pull some strings and get the civilians
onboard. The rest should be pretty simple to follow even if you can't
understand Japanese - Frau's grandparents got killed, Amuro gets in the
Gundam, kicks Zaku butts clumsily (I think it was Amuro's father who
commented on how lousy the pilot's skill was when he saw the Gundam
advancing on the Zaku with its head vulcan blasting non-stop). You get
a lot of fear coming from Amuro, but nothing character/attribute-wise.

In the episode where Amuro meets his mother, the key scenes are

(1) the flash back scene where Amuro recalls when his father was leaving
    the earth with him, his mother explained that she cannot go with them
    because she wouldn't know how to live in space. In Tomino's novel
    version, IIRC, it was explained that the mother stayed on earth in
    order to carry on an affair.

(2) the argument between Amuro and his mother after he shot one of the
    Zeon patrols - the mother puts Amuro on a guilt trip: "I did not raise
    my son to be a killer! These Zeon soldiers have mothers too." Amuro:
    "Are you implying that it's OK if I get killed?"

(3) farewell to mom - Bright Noah telling Amuro's mom what an amazing pilot
    he was, responsible for saving everyone on the White Base, etc. This
    is the scene where Amuro ditches his biological parent and adopts the
    surrogate family (the White Base crew) in a less-than-subtle way.

The last episode basically shows a very confident Amuro using his skills
to the best of his ability to save himself and his surrogate family.
The final scene where he floats towards the Launch escape vehicle where
everyone was on resolves it pretty nicely - I think this scene is where
you can tell that Amuro finally acknowledges and was fully integrated into
his surrogate family, whereas before he was this disgruntled pilot who was
fighting just because he had to in order to stay alive. Of course, the
fencing with Char and Sayla's interference hints at what Tomino had in mind
that was laid out more explicitly in the novels.


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