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> >Nuclear weapons do NOT make big nuclear explosions when you destroy them!
> >
> >You can burn, smash, blow up, etc. a properly designed nuke and it will
> >cause a nuclear explosion. The only thing you can do is set off the 100
> >so pounds of conventional explosives used to trigger the nuclear
> >This will spread the weapon's Uranium/Plutonium around making the are
> >radioactive, but it will not cause a nuclear explosion.
>This presumes that the thermonuclear devices are FISSION bombs or, like
>contemporary FUSION bombs, use a fission device to trigger the fusion
>But pure fusion power -- power derived solely from the clean fusion of
>helium-3 and hydrogen, without a fissionable component -- has been a given
>in the Gundam world since the invention of the Minovsky-Ionescu compact
>fusion reactor.
>And, as we've seen many times, including the first episode of the original
>Gundam TV series, the Minovksy-Ionescu CFR is subject to catastrophic
>failure when the I-field is breached, analogous to the "warp core breach"
>of Trek Speak. The resulting explosion is not a nuclear explosion per se,
>but simply the release of the fusing helium.

First off, any explosion which derives energy from either the splitting or
fusing of atoms is a nuclear explosion.

Second, many people on this list have objected, with good reason I might
add, to the exploding reactors concept.

Third, the obvious solution to a pure fusion weapon is a laser triggered
fusion bomb. These will not blow up AT ALL when they are destroyed. Not
even the small conventional explosion you get when you destroy a regular

Fourth, when the Federation has access to a relatively safe and effective
bomb design, why in god's name would they choose instead to go with
something as dangerous as a nuke that will go off when destroyed? If a
missile blows up in the launch tube you've just lost an entire ship. If an
aircraft crashes on takeoff you could loose an entire city! Just think what
would have happened to Gato if Kou had managed to hit the GP-02's bazooka
with even a single shot.

>I wouldn't want to be around either one.

Chris Upchurch a.k.a. Blackeagle

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