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>I really don't agree with you. I think that CCA was a great movie,
>given what it was. The first thing you have to understand , is that
>CCA was suppose (and yes I do know how silly this sounds now days) to
>be the end of the Gundam Saga.

I know that. I just don't think it does a particularly good job.

>As far as the characterizations go, I think you misunderstand the
>purpose of the new characters. They are not cardboard cutouts, they
>just are there to show how little has changed in all the years of the
>Gundam Saga. For example Quess and Hathaway, the theme of a young
>newtype girl switching allegiances based on her infatuations, and how
>that affected the young man smitten with her, was already covered in
>depth in Zeta. Why waste precious screen time showing it again? The
>point is that for all the political rhetoric, we are still talking
>about young children making life and death decisions, sometimes for
>the most spurious of reasons. Other interactions seem to be very
>wooden, until you connect the dots and consider the history between
>the characters, for example the exchange between Bright and Cameron.

It's interesting that you mention Bright and Cameron, because that's one of
the few character pieces that worked for me. They chose to bring back a
minor character from the classic series. His history and his decision to
help the White Base in the original series gave a nice subtle layer of
meaning to his actions. If only the rest of the movie were done as well!

I dissagree with you about Quess, Hathaway, etc. I don't think the fact
that it has been done before justifies giving it short shrift here. Nor
does the fact that the filmmakers want to illustrate the 'young people at
war' theme. It seems like they're just going through the motions. In my
opinion, if it's doing, then it's worth doing well.

>As far as the motives behind what Char and Amuro's actions, I did not
>think it was confusing at all. Char and Amuro both have to be the
>"hero" in their own mind, and neither one is willing to let someone
>decide the future. As such, Char has decided that he can not have his
>perfect world as long as the earth is the center of power, and Amuro
>knows that he can only prove himself the hero he knows he is by
>defeating Char. I think part of what you are missing, is that in MSG,
>Z, CCA the motives often have far more personal roots, than the
>politically driven machinations of a story like 0083.

But the plot driven structure of the movie means the personal motivations
aren't made clear. Is Char doing this to create his newtype utopia or just
so he can fight Amuro and avenge Lala? I can understand that the movie
wants to keep his motives murky, but it just ends up being confusing.

It's interesting that you mention 0083, because that's another Gundam series
where I feel some of the personal motivations are inadequately explained.

>My point is that CCA was supposed to be the final payoff of the
>Gundam saga, as a result it makes no sense to make it an OVA series.
>Things like 0080 and 0083 exist to keep breathing life into Gundam,
>and as such go to great pains to explore new elements of an already
>established universe. CCA, on the other hand was supposed to close
>out all the familiar issues of the Gundam Universe, into a
>satisfactory conclusion. Personally, I think CCA accomplished its
>mission wonderfully! We saw the ultimate realization of newtype
>potential, and for once it was used save rather than to destroy
>something. We saw the final personal reckoning between Amuro and
>Char. We even got to see that all those newtypes who died, did so for
>at least some reason. All in all I can not think of any way in which
>Gundam could have been better ended, and to this day have not seen
>any show come out of the Gundam universe that justifies continuing
>beyond the rather artful conclusion of CCA.

It just doesn't dork for me as a final payoff. The Char/Amuro duel isn't
even the best of their confrontations.

Also, why not an OVA? Up to this point OVAs have been used to tell side
stories, but that doesn't mean it's the only thing the format can do. If
Gundam fans wanted to see the last Char vs Amuro battle in the theater,
Bandai could have released a compilation movie along with the last episode.

Actually, that gives me a kind of interesting idea. Take CCA and dissect
it, insert new animation where needed, then divide it up into episodes.
Bingo, you've got an OVA. Sort of reverse engineering the compilation
process. Plus it would be an easy way for Bandai to soak up more money from
us Gundam fans.

Chris Upchurch a.k.a. Blackeagle

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