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I watched it in Cantonese... =) It's the exact translation thankfully, but
hell...It's funny to see Amuro run around screaming "I DON'T WANNA PILOT
GUNDAM!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!! in Cantonese. hehehehe I was planning to make
a Starcraft conversion of RX-78 and Chinese Amuro voice samples...it'd be
hella funny.

>>In a message dated 6/11/00 3:19:42 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
>>cdupchurch@hotmail.com writes:
>><< But as far as CCA is concerned, the movies are the official continuity.
>> the flashback sequence where Lala dies, you see a Core Booster, which
>> it's the movie of the event, rather than TV version. >>
>> Well, that may be true, but I have a feeling CCA would be better if we
>>get to see the original MSG series in some English form, for US English
>>speaking Gundam fans. More details of a charcter is usually shown better in
>>43 episode format, then in 3 movies.
>Though unlike some people on this list, I'm not all that optimistic that
>we'll be able to see it anytime soon :-(
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