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Ouch...don't even talk to me about AC shows... >_<

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><< G Gundam was meant to be Marvel VS Capcom meets Gundam. Which is what
> happened...but then it mixes classical (very classical) good ol' Mazinger Z
> and Voltron antics to Gundam...which is the reason why I didn't like it.
> Gundam as Tomino wanted to be in the first place, was to be a realistic
> version of the mecha shows. Till Gundam showed up, all the mecha shows in
> Japan were just about a guy in a big robot fighting with really wacky
> magical powers and black and white evil antagonists. Tomino wanted to make
> a realistic show (well more believable than what's out there) and that's
> the intended purpose of Gundam. If you try to change that, well...it's not
> exactly Gundam is it now... >>
> But, isn't that the point of the AC shows? I read somewhere that the AC
>shows where made with the intention of allowing other directors to make a
>Gundam show their own way, so to speak. While I agree with you about what
>Tomino wanted Gundam to be, but I don't think that was the purpose of the AC
>shows. As Tomino, as far as I know, wasn't the one writing the stories for
>the AC shows, it was others. You can't expect them to be like Tomino's shows
>too much, as different people have different ideas about what Gundam should
> I like Super robot shows, but I like stuff like Gundam better. Although,
>wouldn't a "realistic" Super robot show be interesting, if done right? Don't
>ask me how it should be done though, as I don't know how myself! :)
> For AC shows its okay I guess, as long as we don't get a Super robot UC
>show, as UC's supposed to be the realistic Gundam universe.
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