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<< I recall reading at the Presto Studios site that George Lucas was planning
to make a Gundam movie in the 80s. anybody know if it's
true? There apparentally are some slight anime references in TPM-for
instance, the flying things on Naboo are called "Peko Peko" a direct
reference to Irresponsible Captain Tylor, Darth Maul has a double-bladed
saber which might(Might) have been inspired by the Geloog)Come to think of
it, there's some Geloogness in those battle droids as well.
 Also, the Midichlorian scanners a little Akira-style, and those Trade
Federation landing ships are similar to Nausicca's flying ships. Plus, the
Trade Federation seems to harken straight from a Leiji Matsumoto anime. We
know George is into Japanese stuff, why not Gundam?
 Plus, there's a new episode II prop photo that looks suspiciouslly like Haro
 Chris >>

Tomino addressed this at Anime-Expo '92 and he said that it never got beyond
some very preliminary discussions. I also believe that is was Spielberg's
production group, not Lucas' that was involved. Tomino basically said that
there was a meeting, some ideas were talked about, and that was all.

I just found my tape of Tomino's panel at AX92, when I get the time, I'll
transcribe it.

"Peko Peko", what are those? I don't think the battledroids look anything
like the Gelgoogs, but Lucas is very aware of anime and its artistic
influences. The manga for Episode 1 was done by Kia Asimiya (Silent Moebius)
and it looks great.


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