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As part of the Singapore Animation Festival, Mr. Tomino Yoshiyuki was
invited as a guest speaker for a screening of Gundam today.

Three episode from MSG were shown. They were the first episode, the
episode where Amuro visited his mother on earth and the last episode.
Each episode were selected by Mr. Tomino to highlight the character
developments in the show.

The first episode was just a brief introduction to Amuro. It also shows
the emotion shock that Frau Bow goes through when her family(?) were
killed. Under tight budget and time schedule, this was the best that Mr.
Tomino was able to produce at that time.

When MSG was in production, there was a growing trend of single parent
families in Japan. Mr. Tomino wanted to fully address this new trend and
its' effects in MSG but was unable to do so as the target audience were
kids. The episode where Amuro visited his mother was the result of this

The last episode was chosen to show the dynamic interactions between
newtypes. The fights between the Mobile Suits in this episode, were just
eye candies to sell the show.

I was fairly disappointed with the screenings as they were in Japanese,
without any subtitles. As I have not seen MSG (both TV series and Movie
version), I could only make guess at what the characters were saying.
The translator for Mr. Tomino (the same lady from Kino) was often
struggling with the translation.

In summary, you didn't miss very much if you weren't here.

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