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Was'nt there a CG colony in 0080?

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> Well, I finally had a chance to see Char's Counterattack.
> I'm finding it really hard to quantify my feelings about this movie. All
> the technical aspects were excellent. The animation was fluid and well
> detailed. The CG shots of rotating colonies were a nice touch (as an
> why haven't we seen this in later Gundam series? The CG looks much better
> than the hand drawings and these days it'd probably cost about 1/1000 of
> what it did in '88). I liked the MS and ship designs. The character
> designs did a good job of bringing a more modern touch to many classic
> characters.
> But after all this praise, something seems to be wrong. Part of the
> is the characters. The entire movie is rather plot driven, so we see a
> of what the various characters do, but no time is really spent showing us
> why they take these different actions. Most of the new characters, like
> Quess, Gyunei Gass and Chein Agi are cardboard cutouts. There's precious
> little character development and we never really learn anything about
> This is rather dissapointing since some of the character dynamics
> (Quess/Hathaway, Quess/Char, Quess/Gyunei, Quess/Chien, Hathaway/Bright
> Chien/Amuro) seemed like they had a lot of poential if they were further
> developed.
> The returning characters aren't much better. For a movie billed as the
> final confrontation between Char and Amuro, both are startlingly
> Amuro spends most of the movie in the background (it seems like Bright Noa
> has more screen time up until the final battle) and from his few brief
> appearences we know he opposes Char's plan, but don't really get a feel
> why he's doing this. Char get's more screen time, but his motives are so
> murky and contradictory that it's hard to tell what's going on. I know
> wanted to keep Char's true motives mysterious, but it ends up being
> confusing. Misdirecting the other characters is fine but the audience
> should be given at least SOME idea of what's really going on.
> Furthermore, there isn't really much discussion of the ethics behind
> plan and Amuro, Bright etc's opposition to it. When that sort of thing
> come up it mostly consists of Char and Amuro screaming in between
> each other. More amplification would have been welcome.
> CCA is good, but it isn't great. Given it's place in the Gundam canon and
> it's mission of resolving the long feud between Char and Amuro, it should
> have been great. Maybe it would have been better if there had been more
> time to tell the story and make us care about these characters (CCA as an
> OVA maybe?).
> This seems to be a reocurring theme. I think about half the Gundam series
> don't particularly like would have been better if they'd had more episodes
> (specifically 0083 and F91). On the other hand, Wing probably could have
> been improved with fewer episodes.
> Overall, 2 1/2 stars I guess.
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