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Did'nt Tomino actually like G Gundam out of all the alternate universes,

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> At 21:06 6/10/2000, you wrote:
> >In addition to CCA, I also got to see the first 4 eps of G Gundam (talk
> >about a contrast!)
> >
> >The only way I can describe it is sheer lunacy. The concept of the
> >Fight is fairly out there, but the execution they chose is so wacky and
> >ridiculous it's just hard to describe. It's just so unlike any other
> >series I've seen.
> >
> >I guess all I can say is it would be an interesting series to watch
> >drunk.
> Your cue that you were truly in a different universe came in the first
> episode, when Domon caught the bullets. All he needed was seven
> puncture-wound scars in the shape of the Big Dipper, although he did have
> King of Hearts tattoo that served much the same purpose. (And could be
> seen -- and recognized -- through the back of a driver's glove from a
> distance of 100 meters!)
> The key to appreciating G Gundam is understanding that it's really a Jacky
> Chan style martial arts saga with Gundams tacked on.
> There'ssag irony here, given that one of the main complaints that Tomino
> has long had is that the merchandising dictated that he had to include
> giant robots in stories (like Gundam and Dunbine) where they got in the
> of the real story.
> My own complaint with the show was that they called it Gundam. If it had
> come out as Mobile Fighter Godfinger, I'd've given it two thumbs up for
> what it was, a kick-ass parody of Streetfighter and that ilk.
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