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>Nuclear weapons do NOT make big nuclear explosions when you destroy them!
>You can burn, smash, blow up, etc. a properly designed nuke and it will not
>cause a nuclear explosion. The only thing you can do is set off the 100 or
>so pounds of conventional explosives used to trigger the nuclear reaction.
>This will spread the weapon's Uranium/Plutonium around making the are
>radioactive, but it will not cause a nuclear explosion.

This presumes that the thermonuclear devices are FISSION bombs or, like
contemporary FUSION bombs, use a fission device to trigger the fusion reaction.

But pure fusion power -- power derived solely from the clean fusion of
helium-3 and hydrogen, without a fissionable component -- has been a given
in the Gundam world since the invention of the Minovsky-Ionescu compact
fusion reactor.

And, as we've seen many times, including the first episode of the original
Gundam TV series, the Minovksy-Ionescu CFR is subject to catastrophic
failure when the I-field is breached, analogous to the "warp core breach"
of Trek Speak. The resulting explosion is not a nuclear explosion per se,
but simply the release of the fusing helium.

I wouldn't want to be around either one.


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