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At 21:06 6/10/2000, you wrote:
>In addition to CCA, I also got to see the first 4 eps of G Gundam (talk
>about a contrast!)
>The only way I can describe it is sheer lunacy. The concept of the Gundam
>Fight is fairly out there, but the execution they chose is so wacky and
>ridiculous it's just hard to describe. It's just so unlike any other Gundam
>series I've seen.
>I guess all I can say is it would be an interesting series to watch while

Your cue that you were truly in a different universe came in the first
episode, when Domon caught the bullets. All he needed was seven
puncture-wound scars in the shape of the Big Dipper, although he did have a
King of Hearts tattoo that served much the same purpose. (And could be
seen -- and recognized -- through the back of a driver's glove from a
distance of 100 meters!)

The key to appreciating G Gundam is understanding that it's really a Jacky
Chan style martial arts saga with Gundams tacked on.

There'ssag irony here, given that one of the main complaints that Tomino
has long had is that the merchandising dictated that he had to include
giant robots in stories (like Gundam and Dunbine) where they got in the way
of the real story.

My own complaint with the show was that they called it Gundam. If it had
come out as Mobile Fighter Godfinger, I'd've given it two thumbs up for
what it was, a kick-ass parody of Streetfighter and that ilk.


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