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<< G Gundam was meant to be Marvel VS Capcom meets Gundam. Which is what
 happened...but then it mixes classical (very classical) good ol' Mazinger Z
 and Voltron antics to Gundam...which is the reason why I didn't like it.
 Gundam as Tomino wanted to be in the first place, was to be a realistic
 version of the mecha shows. Till Gundam showed up, all the mecha shows in
 Japan were just about a guy in a big robot fighting with really wacky
 magical powers and black and white evil antagonists. Tomino wanted to make
 a realistic show (well more believable than what's out there) and that's
 the intended purpose of Gundam. If you try to change that,'s not
 exactly Gundam is it now... >>

  But, isn't that the point of the AC shows? I read somewhere that the AC
shows where made with the intention of allowing other directors to make a
Gundam show their own way, so to speak. While I agree with you about what
Tomino wanted Gundam to be, but I don't think that was the purpose of the AC
shows. As Tomino, as far as I know, wasn't the one writing the stories for
the AC shows, it was others. You can't expect them to be like Tomino's shows
too much, as different people have different ideas about what Gundam should

  I like Super robot shows, but I like stuff like Gundam better. Although,
wouldn't a "realistic" Super robot show be interesting, if done right? Don't
ask me how it should be done though, as I don't know how myself! :)

  For AC shows its okay I guess, as long as we don't get a Super robot UC
show, as UC's supposed to be the realistic Gundam universe.


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