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>CCA isn't really to be looked at like a movie as an individual storyline.
>It's the final confrontation of Amuro and Char. And you're only supposed
>to really enjoy the movie, only if you've watched the rest of the series
>before the final result of the movie.

I have seen the MSG movies and the first half of Zeta. That doesn't meant I
think this is a great movie.

The thing I liked about the movie is
>that it focused a lot on the plot, politics and concepts of Gundam rather
>than the actual characters which is what it was all about till CCA pretty
>much. CCA was supposed to be mirror of 0079 in terms of atmosphere, but it
>was really more about the events which took place leading up to the climax.

But if it was only supposed to be about the events leading up to the final
climactic battle between Char and Amuro, why did they spend so much time on
Quess, Hathaway, Chein and Gyunei Gass? They are totally secondary to
Char's plan and his battle with Amuro. All of them could have been left out
while leaving the events leading to the climax intact.

In my comments I advocated more development of these characters in a longer
format (like an OVA) but the other way to go is to cut out all this
secondary stuff and focus exclusively on Char vs Amuro and Char's plan.
Cutting out the deadwood would have allowed the rest of the movie to be
better developed and would have let us see more of Char and Amuro.

Instead of going one direction or the other, the filmmakers chose an unhappy
medium and, in my view, the movie suffered as a result.

> Not really about anything else. I didn't think anything was under
>developed or in any such way a cardboard cut out as you put it. I think
>you probably expected CCA to be a spoonfed film much like what movies are
>today in western theatres. CCA is in fact a very far off perspective
>discussing the events. I don't think I can say it in anymore ways

I don't expect CCA to be spoonfed. It's target audience is Gundam fans.
Thus it shouldn't have to explain the MSG movies or the relevant part of
Zeta Gundam. I don't have any objection to the plot dropping us into the
middle of Char's plan either. What I do object to is not giving us any
rhyme or reson for a character's actions. When I was watching certain parts
of CCA, like Quess's defection to neo-Jion, I was reminded of nonsencial
Last Blitz of Zeon movie (and I think Blitz is the worst piece of Gundam
I've ever seen).

Chris Upchurch a.k.a. Blackeagle

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