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CCA isn't really to be looked at like a movie as an individual storyline.
It's the final confrontation of Amuro and Char. And you're only supposed
to really enjoy the movie, only if you've watched the rest of the series
before the final result of the movie. The thing I liked about the movie is
that it focused a lot on the plot, politics and concepts of Gundam rather
than the actual characters which is what it was all about till CCA pretty
much. CCA was supposed to be mirror of 0079 in terms of atmosphere, but it
was really more about the events which took place leading up to the climax.
 Not really about anything else. I didn't think anything was under
developed or in any such way a cardboard cut out as you put it. I think
you probably expected CCA to be a spoonfed film much like what movies are
today in western theatres. CCA is in fact a very far off perspective
discussing the events. I don't think I can say it in anymore ways possible.

>Well, I finally had a chance to see Char's Counterattack.
>I'm finding it really hard to quantify my feelings about this movie. All of
>the technical aspects were excellent. The animation was fluid and well
>detailed. The CG shots of rotating colonies were a nice touch (as an aside,
>why haven't we seen this in later Gundam series? The CG looks much better
>than the hand drawings and these days it'd probably cost about 1/1000 of
>what it did in '88). I liked the MS and ship designs. The character
>designs did a good job of bringing a more modern touch to many classic
>But after all this praise, something seems to be wrong. Part of the problem
>is the characters. The entire movie is rather plot driven, so we see a lot
>of what the various characters do, but no time is really spent showing us
>why they take these different actions. Most of the new characters, like
>Quess, Gyunei Gass and Chein Agi are cardboard cutouts. There's precious
>little character development and we never really learn anything about them.
>This is rather dissapointing since some of the character dynamics
>(Quess/Hathaway, Quess/Char, Quess/Gyunei, Quess/Chien, Hathaway/Bright and
>Chien/Amuro) seemed like they had a lot of poential if they were further
>The returning characters aren't much better. For a movie billed as the
>final confrontation between Char and Amuro, both are startlingly underused.
>Amuro spends most of the movie in the background (it seems like Bright Noa
>has more screen time up until the final battle) and from his few brief cameo
>appearences we know he opposes Char's plan, but don't really get a feel for
>why he's doing this. Char get's more screen time, but his motives are so
>murky and contradictory that it's hard to tell what's going on. I know they
>wanted to keep Char's true motives mysterious, but it ends up being
>confusing. Misdirecting the other characters is fine but the audience
>should be given at least SOME idea of what's really going on.
>Furthermore, there isn't really much discussion of the ethics behind Char's
>plan and Amuro, Bright etc's opposition to it. When that sort of thing does
>come up it mostly consists of Char and Amuro screaming in between pummeling
>each other. More amplification would have been welcome.
>CCA is good, but it isn't great. Given it's place in the Gundam canon and
>it's mission of resolving the long feud between Char and Amuro, it should
>have been great. Maybe it would have been better if there had been more
>time to tell the story and make us care about these characters (CCA as an
>OVA maybe?).
>This seems to be a reocurring theme. I think about half the Gundam series I
>don't particularly like would have been better if they'd had more episodes
>(specifically 0083 and F91). On the other hand, Wing probably could have
>been improved with fewer episodes.
>Overall, 2 1/2 stars I guess.
>Chris Upchurch a.k.a. Blackeagle

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