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> i've been looking for the Zeta Gundam MSIA on a
> store, and its still not available,

They should be available at ur local store this wkend
if not the next. I've already bought my Zeta MSiA, and
I am going to get the MSiA special edition "Gundam +
Zaku" doublepack, featuring Okawara colouring scheme
for 0079 movie trilogy posters way back in early 80s.

> but i've seen this "action gokin", of which has the
> zeta, mk. II titans and AEUG version, and the Rick
> Dias blue & red... whats the big deal about these
> action gokin? is it better that the msia?

Banpresto's "Action Gokin" series are available in
Japan via exclusive vendoring machines only. These
line of toys feature 5 different choices: Gundam mkII
(AEUG and Titans colours), Rick Dias (black and red
colours) and Zeta Gundam. They are available as 2
different versions as well: the normal coloured ones
as you've noted, and the limited 'metallic' version
with all 5 MS coated entirely in dull silver paint.

If you notice closely, the quality of these Action
gokin aren't that good: the legs and arms have poor
finishing (very wide gaps), and you are paying mostly
for the weight of metals, not quality. If you must,
try maybe one of these coloured ones such as Gundam
mkII (either colours). Zeta Gundam is by far the worst
of the five action gokins in terms of quality.

As for my Zeta MSiA. I think it's overambitious with
so many articulation points, and it end ups with quite
a lot of loosey parts (back fins, beam rifle's e-pac).
As the result, it's no as sturdy as the older MSiA
lines, but for 1200 yen i still think Zeta MSiA is
still quite a treat, considering you get the big-ass
hyper mega launcher which is taller than the MS! I
hope the MSiA manufacter should fix these defects if
they want the upcoming Wing MSiAs to be successful,
considering so many articulations for the likes of
Wing Zero, Deathscythe Hell and Altron Gundam, etc..


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