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Well as for cleaning goes Acetone should be right, people usually have 2 types
of Airbrushes and the Feed usually doesn't matter:

1action/external- Spray through with acetone/Thinner take out head and clean
with solvent and re-assemble

2action/internal- a little more complex, spray thourgh with solvent, clean
Crown, Remove the needle and wipe it clean, and finally if necessary, clean
the with a small pipe cleaner

>As far as thinning goes, the general rule is you want the paint to be about
>the same consistency as milk. With the testors paints I use, this is
>usually about 35-40% thinner for enamels, and 10-20% water for acrylics,
>depending on the color and such. Usually thinner paints will give you a
>smoother finish (spray in light coats, not heavy or it will run), and you
>can get away with more thinner on darker colors (I usually spray white
>almost straight out of the bottle, but thin black quite a bit).

Well usually people would spray with those ratios but for acryllic I usually
thin down to 50/50 if not more because airbrushed things dry quickly and
Acryllic can clog up a double action like nobody's business.

- Roger



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