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Retcon means retroactive continuity. It was coined, I think during the
1970"s Justice Society of America comic book.

Retroactive continuity is the act of going back to a previous work or
group of works that was held to be cannon and changing some usually
major detail or details about it and holding the new work or works as

Retcons, when done correctly can be very good. An example would be DC
Comics' "Man of Steel" miniseries.

Poorly done retcons can drive fans away in droves. An example would be
Marvel Comics' travasty called the "Clone Saga".

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Retcon(Which I think means "Retroactive conversion") is sort of a redesign of a previous mecha that did'nt look too good to begin with in the first place. For instance, the mecha in Gundam 0080 are retcons of those in the original Gundam. Often, to explain the differences in design, model and reference makers will often label the design as a variant. For instance, the retconned GMs in 0080 were probably meant by the animators and staff to just be an update of the mecha, but when the design became part of merchandise, the 0080 GMs were given the name GM command implying they were a special variant, different from the originals.
Retcons happen mostly in stories that hover around the One Year War era(The original Gundam and the UC-timeline OAVs)although some of the new model kits and figures are basically retcons, if minor ones-in themselves(For instance, many of the Master Grade model kits look a little different from their anime counterparts). Also, the designs in Gundam Wing:Endless Waltz are supposed to be retcons as well.
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  What does retcon mean?

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    I'm curious....has anybody ever tried to retcon the Gundams featured in G Gundam, whether by a fan, or officially? They are kinda funky-looking, it'd be interesting to see a more up-to-date version of them.


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