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>Chris Maier wrote:
>> I R+ seeing this guy's name credited as creating Gundam with Tomino
>> on the opening sequences of Gundam shows, but it seems that Tomino
>> gets all the credit for creating Gundam and this guy is left in the
>> shadows. Anybody know what the extent of his involvement in the
>> series? I've also seen his name on other Sunrise productions such as
>> "Cowboy Bebop"
>Hehehe, that's why he's on my proposed FAQ. Hajime Yadate is not a
>person, but a collective pseudonym for "Sunrise creative staffs". Maybe
>there's more formal title for the group, but I don't think so, I think it
>just means "whoever was being employed at the time".

Hajime Yadate is what we call a "house name" in the American publishing

Back in the 1900s, serialized stories became very popular, but people had a
habit of associating stories with authors and wouldn't buy a story unless
it was credited to the associated author. Since authors could come and go
and, if associated with a popular character, might take the character with
them, each publishing house created a pseudonym for authorship of each new

The Shadow, for example, was always credited to Maxwell Grant, although the
actual author was Walter Gibson. Doc Savage and The Avenger were both
credited to Kenneth Robeson, but Lester Dent wrote 150 of the 181 Doc
Savage novels and never wrote a single word for the Avenger series, which
was written by Grant Stockbridge, who never wrote a single word for the Doc
Savage series.

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