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At 14:35 06/10/2000 +0800, Jorge Lee wrote:
>Lim Jyue has already given a good summary of the Q & A session but he left
>out a comment by Mr. Tomino on CCA. In response to a question on CCA, Mr.
>Tomino mentioned off-handedly that he was unhappy with the way CCA turned

        He did? I must have missed it, looking for my friend..

>My impression from the Q & A session is that Mr. Tomino is unhappy that
>focus on Gundam has turned onto the Mobile Suits. Not only does he seems to
>have disdain for the more recent Gundam series, he seems to share the same
>feelings for his own work like CCA.

        My impression is somewhat similar. I think he didn't like the
direction Gundam shows that he didn't have a direct hand in took. Basically,
I think he wanted Gundam to be about the people, not the mecha.

>Mr. Tomino would only autograph for him. However, I did noticed that while
>penning his first autograph, he added a drawing of Haro.

        Was there on the autograph I got. I have this feeling he uses Haro
much the way we use smileys.


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