James Boren (jboren@earthlink.net)
Sat, 10 Jun 2000 00:48:58 -0800

>I'm curious....has anybody ever tried to retcon the Gundams featured
>in G Gundam, whether by a fan, or officially? They are kinda
>funky-looking, it'd be interesting to see a more up-to-date version
>of them.

I remember seeing some updates in a hobby magazine a few years ago.
They were meant to be further versions of the 5 main Gundams. I think
it was for a Audio drama? Anyway, the designs were even more gaudy
than the originals, overkill on the details.

The cool thing about the G universe is that for every fight (I think
they occur every 4 or 7 years) the countries enter completely new
gundams to represent them. (I think the John Bull gundam is an
exception though) So the retcon world is wide open. Let's see, 13
fights(or rather 12 since we've already seen the designs for the 13th
fight)...250 participants per fight,.. that makes around 3000 gundams
waiting to be designed! That would be one giant fan project.


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