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Fri, 09 Jun 2000 19:29:39 GMT

Just got three SD Doms yesterday. I just love the Black Trinary and since I
can't afford to get two more MG Doms then this is the best economical way to
get the black trio. Okay back to the review. It comes with three trees:
one molded in purple, the other in black and the last one is polycaps, well
sort of. Instead of having individual polycaps they made a t-shape hollow
structure rubber material. The two outer ends will connect the arms. The
downwards pole will connect the waist. As for the head, it will connect to
a hole just located in between the left and right side of the t-shape.
There is no gimmicks in this guy, which is a plus and disappointment to
some. Comes with a bazooka and heat saber. The bazooka is pretty big, large
enough to sport those spring like projectiles, but it didn't. I guess the
people didn't like those gimmicks so they scratch it off from the newer SD
lines. Posseability is what you would expect pretty much from all the SD
models except the hands can rotate instead of staying fixed to the arms.
Also the arms can slide up and down from the shoulder. So it's not limited
to the typical SD rotateable arms.
Size wise, this little fella is pretty huge and fat. Hehehe just the way it
should be. As for coloring, you'll need to paint the red border of the
cross eye, paint grey for the chest area, black on the feet, grey for the
bazooka and yellow for the heat saber. Otherwise it's decent looking
without the paints. All in all a great model to add to your SD collection.
If you're a black trinary wouldn't be sitting here and
reading this review. YOU'LL GO AND GRAB THEM NOW!!!!! :-)
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