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In case you haven't heard or don't belong to their mailing list...


First, as usual, a disclaimer. If you are not interested in Bandai's Gundam
Wing or Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz kits, than please just trash this mail
and forgive the intrusion. However, if you are a fan of these exciting
anime series, than we have some important news for you!

As we've posted to our web site, The US TV broadcasts of Gundam Wing have
pushed the popularity of these kits through the roof, and we're completely
out of stock. However, we've finally received solid information from Bandai
about when they will be available again, and we want to share that with you.

First comes Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz. We have a small shipment of these
kits scheduled to arrive around June 20. Although many of the people
currently waiting for backorders to be filled will get their kits shipped to
them around that time, we don't expect that this shipment will be enough to
fill all backorders, and people who ordered later may have to continue
waiting. How long? Until August, when another shipment of these kits is
going to arrive, and that will be a big one! How big? Big enough to fill
all the orders we have on our books by June 14, because that's how many we
will order. So if you have a backorder with us already for these kits, you
don't need to do anything. But if you don't, and you hope to get them any
time in the near future, we urge you to place an order with us by June 14!

Second comes the kits of Gundam Wing itself. Again, our apologies to those
of you who have been waiting for so long, but we will get a very large
reshipment of these in late July! How large? Again, like the Endless Waltz
kits, big enough to fill all the orders we have on our books by the middle
of next week. So if you have a backorder with us, please remain patient.
If not, we urge you to place an order with us by June 14!

There's more news about the Gundan Wing kits! Bandai is issuing new
versions of the 1/144 scale kits in the series. They are updating the
boxes, and now will be including 1/35 unpainted figures of the main
characters from the show! As such, these will be treated as completely new
products, and unfortunately, there will be no production of the old versions
of these kits in the near future. So if you have ordered any 1/144 scale
Gundam Wing kits, we strongly urge you to cancel your order for those (use
our online order status system to do this) and place a new order for the new
versions (just click this long link -->
&Scale=144&Dis=-2 to get a complete list of the upcoming new versions of
these kits.

So it's been a long wait, but if you get us your order by the middle of next
week, we can get you your kits by the end of the summer, at the latest.
Again, we're sorry for all the waiting, but not even Bandai realized just
how much you were going to want these great kits! Thanks for your patience!

Best regards,

Scott T. Hards
President, HobbyLink Japan
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